Supplemental course: Contemporary Art for Teachers

Dear teachers and colleges,

Students are confronted  with complex questions in today's world . What are the consequences of globalization, tourism, mobility, media, genetic technology, floods of information. The students are looking for answers. Contemporary art offers an open, playful, and creative/constructive dialogue with these themes. This makes the interaction with contemporary art attractive and exciting for children and young adults. We can help you develop methods for teaching about contemporary art in both theory and practice.


Guided exhibitions

We offer guided tours of selected exhibits and collections. (e.g. Flick Collection, Gropiusbau, Sammlung Hoffmann, Akademie der Künste, galleries, artists' studios) to introduce general perspectives. Individual artists will be introduced in detail. You can "copy" our guided tours or artist meetings for your own classes. Together we hold brainstorming sessions which help to develop ways of introducing these themes to your own class.


Workshops in the workshop

Practical methods can be developed and fine-tuned in our own workshop. Various techniques and their practical use are tested. The basis for our understanding of art educational theory is always flexible and open, tuned to the students and content-based.

Contact us for further information.

Maurizio Cattelan

Bruce Naumann