Corporate Events

Art can activate. Creativity is innovation. Artistic processes can open new horizons.

Group creative activity is an experience which builds bridges!


"Der Freiraum" offers opportunities for groups from 15 to 50 people which include:

  • Incentives
  • Team-building
  • Events (Christmas parties, company outings, summer parties)


We can also organize your specific creative event directly in your company space or for conventions.

In the inspiring arched caverns of "Der Freiraum" you can experience events that offer creativity, communication, networking, or culinary delight. Speak with us about your individual needs and we can develop a custom concept and budget.

Energize your coworkers, surprise your clients, and impress your business partners with a creative event.


"DruckTafel": Printmaking & Dining

A Company Event with style



Since 2011 we have successfully staged our "Drucktafel" event. In a relaxed, communicative environment with a festive meal, we offer delicious food and colorful printmaking techniques. The result encourages conversation and observation. At the end of the evening individual artworks are all proudly hung on a cable running through the cavern, and everyone has something to say.


What is Drucktafel

freiraum invites all to an artistic and culinary experience



– Would you like to give your customers a special thank-you gift?
– Would you like the motivating experience of a joint project for your team?
– Are you looking for a surprise alternative to the classic company party (Christmas meal, summer party)?
freiraum will design a creative event with culinary pleasures for small or large groups.



Innovative thinking and doing are essential competitive factors in today’s world.
Dealing with art opens our structures to new paths.
Art is created in the dialogue between action and reflection.
Creativity requires a constructive view of the unknown and the courage to tread new ground.
As in play, chance and experimentation are components of the creative process.

Use the free space of freiraum, to extend and elaborate on the creative potential of your organisation or business.



 Time pressure and competition determine our daily life. In a free and playful atmosphere,
creativity can come into existence. Each person has his own rhythm, vision and aesthetic.
We create a framework within which this can be experienced in a spirit of curiosity and sensual joy.



To create means to represent, to give objects form, to render them visible and legible. Creative output inspires observation and conversation.
For the individual, personal experience or perhaps joint work may be primary.
For us, the process of designing is important, as it is here that participants can experience themselves in a new and open context.

freiraum welcomes you and hopes you enjoy dining and printing.

Drucktafel - Drucken und Speisen