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Workshop I 2023




I'm super excited to announce our 1st Sculpture Club workshop: Together with ceramist Tanja Neubert we will be hosting a 2-day workshop focussing on building ceramic sculptures from mostly geometric shapes. 

We'll start on Friday evening, September 8th with a quick introduction, referencing contemporary artists and discussing work of art we admire. Also, we'll prepare all clay slabs we'll need for Saturday. 


On Saturday, we dive into creating: we'll learn techniques on how to build lasting structures from clay slabs and shapes, talk about proportion and composition along the way. 

We'll be working with red finely grogged clay and you can either finalise your sculptures right away on Saturday with white porcelain engobe, or return for a glazing session later (to be booked and scheduled separately). 

All works will be fired and ready to pick up 2-3 weeks later.

The workshop will take place in the studio and art school 'freiraum' in Berlin Mitte. Spots are limited to 6 participants. Course will be held in English or German, according to the group's preferences :)


We are very much looking forward to creating together with you!



Sculpture Club / 08. & 09. September

225,00 €Price

Friday, September 8th

from 17:00 - 20:00 


Introduction to contemporary sculpture artists and preparation of clay slabs for next day. Snacks and a Friday fizz included :)


Saturday, September 9th

from 11:00 - 16:30


Introduction to slab building technique, but mostly: creating!!! We'll be around to answer all tech question and support you throughout the day.







Gutscheine verschenken

Verschenken Sie Ihrem Partner/ einem Freund/ der Familie eine Möglichkeit die eigene Kreativität zu entdecken.

Kunstkursgutscheine aus dem freiraum.


Gutschein     (12Std)         1 Monat                     165,00€     inkl. Material


Bei Interesse bitte melden unter:

Tel.:030 27 59 65 28

oder per mail.:[email protected]