Adult Education

You used to love to paint as a child? You have some drawings hidden away? You always wanted to create a sculpture? We offer individual support to help you develop your artistic endeavors under professional guidance. In a relaxed atmosphere with others you can learn or further extend such skills as:

  • Printing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing

Join us on a journey to new artistic shores!

Price list

01 Schedule   (3 hrs.)          Intro Offer           25,00 €        

04 Schedule   (12 hrs)         1 Month               120,00€       

12 Schedule   (36 hrs.)         3 Months            300,00€       

Coupon     (10 hrs.)         1 Month                  120,00€     


Tuesday      5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Thursday   11:00 AM - 2:00 PM



individual coaching - Strong through creative work

Strength and balance through artistic development

Creativity is an important key to the development of personal abilities.
In individual coaching you will find out what creative resources you already have within you. In individual coaching these are strengthened and developed further. In the process, you will also develop your craft skills.
Experience the power of artistic work and its manifold effects in your work with me. You will promote your general well-being in all areas of life. In the creative process you discover and strengthen your individual core. Working on changes becomes appealing and the new becomes feasible.


Experience in coaching

- how to formulate creative thoughts and develop them into artistic ideas
- how to realise ideas and focus on the essentials
- how to activate your creative potential and find your own way of expression
- what creativity means and enables in everyday life and at work
- how the interaction of eyes and hands leads to balance and strengthens self-confidence.

Find your own source of creativity

- through playful exchange and discovering new perspectives
- through diverse conversations and artistic impulses that lead to new, alternative ways of thinking
- through different techniques and ways of expression in art, which you can expand or get to know in a new way.

Creative work
Conversations and reflective exchange
Art historical impulses and background information
Accompanied museum and studio visits

Individual coaching usually takes place in the freiraum studio in Berlin-Mitte.

60 min 80.-
90 min 120.-
120 min 150.-