Portfolio Course

Dear potential art students,

You have to put together a portfolio?

We will offer you space and support with constructive criticism.

The portfolio course deals with fundamental concepts and individual development of concrete and abstract aspects of two and three dimensional visual representations.
We offer comprehensive consultation in small groups and support you in developing your personal themes which result in a concept for your portfolio. This includes personal references to art history and contemporary art. We prepare you for the following fields of art:


  •          Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design
  •          Stage design/Costume Design
  •          Art Education/ Art Pedagogy
  •          Industrial Design, Product Design, Fashion Design
  •          Illustration
  •          Architecture, Interior Design, Restoration
  •          Art Therapy

Nude Drawing, representative drawing and elements of design are some of the themes covered in the course. Perspective, color theory and composition are examined, with excercises that include figurative and objective representation. Elements of anatomy, proportion and rhythm are examined.

Depending on the individual needs or concrete goal other artistic practices can be studied and developed. To prepare for your art education it is recommended to work in inter-disciplinary mediums, e.g. with mixed-media drawing techniques, or with other printmaking processes. We will introduce you to artists and their artistic strategies.


Price list

Info appointment (also possible online) free of charge

01 course unit     (1hrs)            individual coaching            60,00 €         


12 course unit    (36 hrs)         3 Month                     290,00€                               


Monday         5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Tuesday        5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Thursday       11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Manuel Werner, Zeichnung

Lena, Collage Papier Gehäkeltes, Plastik

Lena, Aktzeichnung